Litter Patrol

The Litter Crew helps owners of commercial properties keep their parking lots and surrounding areas clean.  We go the extra mile and will create a customized plan to meet the needs of our clients. 

Our team will remove litter from your parking lots, and any other areas that your business needs to clean up.  This includes all litter, as well as any other garbage, or abandoned items.  We’ll also report if there are any irregularities on your property.

The Litter Patrol service is available 7 days a week.  And can be scheduled for early morning, late night, or on call.  You can be assured that once we’ve completed litter patrol, your parking lot and property will be clean for your clients, presenting your business in its best light.

Industrial & Commercial Cleaning

The Litter Crew also provides janitorial services in various industrial and commercial settings.  We offer customized solutions for your workplace, since we understand that each business has unique challenges and considerations.

Our philosophy is a client-first approach, where we address the specific needs of our clients.

The team has numerous years of experience, and we provide a high level of service.  We are dependable, professional, and responsive to your company’s needs.

Lawn Maintenance

We can set up a customized lawn-cutting program for your commercial properties, ensuring that your lawn always looks good.

Our team is committed to keep your lawn maintained on a regular basis.  We take care of it, so you don’t have to.  We have the experience and the necessary equipment to complete the job.

A beautiful and well-maintained lawn can add value to your commercial property and can lead to a great first impression.

Pressure Washing

Our company also provides pressure washing for residential, commercial and multi-unit properties.  Including pressure washing as part of your regular maintenance routine, helps prevent deterioration and permanent damage.  

Pressure washing is an efficient way to clean exterior surfaces.  With our industrial duty power wash trailer, we can customize the pressure wash to the type of surface.  Some examples of areas that can be rejuvenated – are sidewalks, walls, corrals, and grease stained areas.

Maintain the beauty of your property, by removing the residue left by the weather, debris, pollution, as well as from everyday wear and tear.   Keep your business clean and inviting.